A plus for your car

Field report . Uebler - from towing to an idea that holds bikes

Nowadays, no-one has to get on their car roof any more if they want to take their own bike with them on holiday for a brisk ride or for some relaxing cycling. The experts at Uebler brought their first cycle rack for the trailer hitch to market all the way back in the 1990s.

Das Plus fürs Auto

Its great inventiveness helps the Upper Franconian company to produce considerably more intelligent solutions for your car. In doing so, Uebler GmbH draws on more than 40 years of proficiency and experience to design first-class car accessories for industry and specialist retailers. 

Since its founding by Erich Uebler, the company's primary focus has been on the precision manufacturing of towing devices. The expansion of production into high-quality tow bars, protective grids, creepers and ramps was accompanied by great success.

Finally came ski racks and bike racks, including a new bike rack released in 2004 for inside a car. This was offered exclusively by Mercedes.

Under the successful leadership of Klaus Uebler, who took over the business in 1993, cooperation with worldwide-renowned car makers (such as Audi, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Opel, Skoda, Toyota, VW) and specialist dealers has been continuously increased. In close cooperation with these partners, the specialists produce advanced designs at their site in Forchheim, Germany.

The ADAC (Germany's largest automobile club), Stiftung Warentest (German product test foundation), and specialist automotive publications such as AutoBILD have evaluated Uebler products multiple times as being the best in extensive series of tests. This confirms the extraordinary leap forward which these outstanding products represent in terms of performance, which is what makes Uebler one of the leading suppliers of car accessories.

The success of this family-owned business is dependent on achieving a certain quality in its products, and so it relies on technology from transfluid® for its tube machining needs. The DB 642 CNC tube bending machine provides a special solution, with two bending stages.


This compact, fully hydraulic mandrel bending machine is extremely powerful and offers excellent bending quality combined with easy operation. Furthermore, it allows for effective lengths from 1,500 to 6,000 mm. Thus this solution from transfluid® guarantees optimum manufacturing processes and robust and attractive finished products. This is something we are proud of and, as a partner, we delight in the great success of our customer from Upper Franconia.

Uebler GmbH
Sandäcker 7
91301 Forchheim