Im Herzen Europas

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Im Herzen Europas

Antwerp, Ghent and Gullegem: we have arrived in Belgium. The country has some eleven million inhabitants, is home to Brussels – the beating heart of Europe – and shows pronounced industrial activity everywhere. This includes many capable small and medium-sized enterprises, and among them METANOX bvba.

It is our proven distribution partner in the Belgian market, and can be found in beautiful Gullegem, in West Flanders.

The highly qualified sales team of this experienced and renowned specialist is known quantity throughout the land. Just like us, other companies also value the outstanding performance of METANOX bvba. In addition to our entire range of transfluid® products, these experts are also in charge of a special range of sheet metal forming machines. This means they have an extremely varied range of products to offer – from well-established brand-name products, via conventional systems, and right up to CNC controlled machines.

As a perfect complement to selling these products, METANOX bvba offers a professional and effective After Sales Service. Such intensive support ensures that customer get the most out of their machines. This includes service 24 hours a day, guaranteed. Thanks to the outstanding commitment demonstrated by this Belgian specialist distributor, we have a presence in the market nationwide and are able to supply the widest possible array of sectors of industry.

This includes, among others, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, utility vehicles, automotive suppliers and other sectors involved in industrial production.

We are delighted to have had an extremely strong distribution and service partner on our side in METANOX bvba for many years now, and look forward to many years of continued success together.


Driemasten 85
B-8560 Gullegem
Tel: (+)32056/419994
Fax: (+)32056/401477

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