Buenos días, Argentina

time(s) check . A strong partner in South America

The tango, the Andes, world-class football, and broad expanses. When we think of Argentina, that is what many of us think of.

Agriculture plays a special role in the eighth largest state on Earth. Highly developed industry is also very important. That's why Marcos Ramos has been on-location for us for nearly a year. He has found a strong and trusting trading partner in HEG MÁQUINAS for transfluid®.

The city of Santa Fe, population 600,000 inhabitants, lies at the very centre of the country, where the famed Iguazú Waterfalls offer a spectacular show of nature. This is where HEG MÁQUINAS offers transfluid® customers across the South American continent excellent service for our tube forming technologies. The company represents the world's leading manufacturers of CNC-controlled steel processing machines in Argentina and other countries in South America. It was also one of the first distributors that our employee Marcos Ramos cooperated with. Eulises Rindizbacher, owner and engineer at HEG MÁQUINAS, looks back: "I was also looking for the best tube forming technology for my customers, and I'm completely convinced that transfluid® was the best choice in this area." Within a very short time, an atmosphere of trust and cooperation developed between our two companies. In terms of service, our customers benefit from maintenance and commissioning to training courses and professional consulting with HEG MÁQUINAS.

For this purpose, our partner has experienced technicians on-location, who are available directly for installations and comprehensive services. Our machines and systems are used in a wide variety of areas. For example, Argentina features a well-developed mining industry, and the country possesses deposits of both rare minerals and noble metals. Argentina is also one of the three largest steel manufacturers in Latin America, and the north-eastern part of the country possesses significant natural gas and oil fields.


We are happy to know that we have a strong and reliable partner in HEG MÁQUINAS, who stands with our customers in Latin America, and we are looking forward to an intensive, long future together.