Clean cutting

Technology . Cut pipes efficiently and without chips

Make it simple. Simply make it. That‘s what we thought more than five years ago. From this we developed a solution that significantly simplifies processes.

What arose from a seemingly simple idea at the time has since become the key to effective complete solutions for production processes. That‘s because our process for cutting pipes without chips enables the work pieces to be further processed immediately. In addition, we focus our continuous development on the cutting of thick-walled pipes. That‘s how t cut was created. It is versatile and exciting enough to warrant going into the technical details here.

Good reasons for chipless cutting

Contamination can cause extreme problems for volume production. In the worst case, the chips appear again suddenly when the pipes are already in the system. If you get off easily in such an event, the chips only cause faults. In worse case, the destruction of entire system components may result. This makes the advantages of chipless cutting processes completely clear. And an additional advantage to chipless cutting is that it can be deployed in a wide range of equipment variants to meet individual requirements.

Secure from the coil

When the pipe is cut from the coil, it is precisely aligned, checked for damages and fed to the orbital cutting unit. Here you either work with two coils that are connected to each other in order to save set-up time, or you use the unit‘s feeding assistance system which mounts in a new coil quickly and securely.

Rod without residual length

During the cutting process the pipe rods are fed via a magazine and separator. To save additional material, our unit also offers an optional cut optimisation system. This system ensure that, for instance, a 6-meter long rod is ideally cut without a residual length. The cutting material is positioned by a gripper feeder which has a servo-electric drive. The cutting tolerances are +/-0.1 mm for a one meter feed.

Precisely adjusted

The cutting process itself is performed by an orbital cutting knife. The big advantage of our units is that this cutting knife is mechanically forwarded in a controlled manner. In this way we can optimally adjust the cutting process to precisely suit the wall thickness of the material being cut. The cut area is intentionally opened during the cutting process. This ensures that the cutting rollers do not jam in the gap of the cut. The pipe is separated at the precise moment when the optimal cutting depth is reached. This guarantees that pipe constriction is kept to a minimum. In additional, a special mechanism guarantees that the pipes are continuously calibrated on the exterior. Of course we use knives in our units, which are optimally adjusted to the respective materials. This ensures that the cutting knifes have a long service life. Cutting outputs of 40-50,000 cuts are possible even with welded pipes. The cutting time is from 2 to 3 seconds depending on the pipe length.

Large / Small

Standard cutting can be realized within the parameter range 6-30 x 3 mm (stainless steel). Specially equipped, our technology can also cut significantly smaller pipes. A different size machine cuts pipes to an outer diameter of 76 mm. The shortest cutting length with pull apart is approximately 30 mm, without the pull apart procedure it is approximately 10 mm. The machine runs at the best cycle times with cut lengths between 55 mm and 1,000 mm.

After the cutting process the cut pipes can be discharged as needed. There are up to 10 stations available for this purpose. The different lengths are deposited there. The extremely high output of our cutting machines makes this necessary. This system allows several subsequent processing steps to be serviced. A special softwareprogram controls the cut optimisation system, ensures minimal scrap and thus saves material.

Cut pipes efficiently and without chips