Dekuji moc STROMAC

time(s) check . Here's to a good partnership in the beautiful Czech Republic

"Thank you" means in Czech language "Dekuji moc." For many foreign visitors, the country's typical sweet oblate are a typical delicacy.

Traditionally the Czech Republic is especially well-known for its strong industry. Cars are built here and high quality industrial products are also produced. Of course, we're onlocation in the Czech Republic for our customers with our partner of many years, STROMAC, s.r.o.

In the city of Slaný, around 25 kilometres north-west of Prague, General Manager Miroslav Hrbatý and his team ensure that transfluid® customers are supported in the best possible way. Of course, this also includes service for previously delivered tube processing systems. The experienced engineer provides his own extensive knowledge for this purpose. Of course, our customers profit from this right from their first meeting, especially in case to find the optimal transfluid® technology and solution.

His reliability and competence, and not least of all his excellent knowledge and contacts in the market make Miroslav Hrbatý an indispensable partner, who we are happy to trust. In addition to the extensive support of our transfluid® portfolio, STROMAC is active on the market with diverse sheet metal processing machines from renowned companies –

from grinding machines to lining machines and band systems to presses and sheet metal bending technology.

We would like to thank Miroslav Hrbatý and his team of experts for their attention to providing our machines in the Czech Republic, which have proven themselves as sustainable technology for tube processing.

We look forward to many more successful years together with STROMAC, s.r.o.