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Cover story . Create prospects with the courage for opportunities

How important is research and development for a company? How can we inspire, integrate and promote the youth as a forward-thinking company? Important questions we have asked ourselves at transfluid®. New ways were sought and found. Future must be actively shaped to promote new technologies and not just talk about values, but to live them.

Our company is headquartered in the South Westphalian Sauerland and Schmallenberg, as many probably know, is not exactly the center of the world. However, we appreciate that numerous positive influences shape the life here. That is why we are here. Ever since the company was established we have persistently pursued the goal of offering young people a perspective – with a solid training. This is a major strength of the company. At transfluid®, we see the highly qualified staff as the driving force. Therefore, the training should involve: Not only mass but also high class.

If we want to benefit from the training as a forward-looking company, we also need to be aware of our responsibility to give something in the first place. 59 young people have been trained in the wide range of courses since the inception of the company: 22 commercial executives, 7 industrial systems electronics technicians, 22 industrial mechanics and 8 mechatronic engineers. 28 apprentices have been recruited as regular employees and 14 are currently doing their training.

“Young people are the future!”

There is a good reason for such commitment. Young people are the future! Particularly important is a good relationship between the generations and the necessary respect for others.

Particularly valuable in this regard is, for example, a further support in the dual study course. In order to offer interesting prospects after the training, we closely cooperate with various universities and colleges. The exchange of experiences between science and industrial practice can promote groundbreaking research projects and provide benefits for both partners. A best practice example: The incremental tube forming developed in highly innovative co-operation with the University of Dortmund, this project could be successfully completed.

Promote tube forming in new dimensions

Various industrial sectors are facing ever-increasing challenges in the forming of tubes. They are formed increasingly extreme, since the requirements for the workpiece and forming are changing significantly. Besides, the welding or soldering of connecting elements is too expensive and should be avoided whenever possible. New solutions are what is needed.

Given the changing requirements, transfluid® is constantly developing new procedures and processes in order to achieve economic benefits for our customers. We have achieved a leading market position in the tube forming sector and provide sustainable results due to the advanced technology used in various procedures.

The particularly exciting thing is that the materials are changing increasingly too. Standard materials on the market are more frequently replaced by highstrength and ultrahigh-strength materials, since a more consistent lightweight construction can be carried out. Products are more durable and much lighter. In addition, a considerable amount of material can be saved. Standard forming methods quickly reach their limits or are outplaced. Together with the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction (IUL) of the Technical University (TU) Dortmund transfluid® therefore focus on the jointly developed and novel global methods of incremental tube forming. This refers to a stepwise and seamless forming that opens up totally new dimensions and enables the production of variable cross-section profile on the longitudinal axis.

Ever since 2009 we have been cooperating with the University of Dortmund on the project for the industrial use of machinery and technology for cold forming of tubes. A successful cooperation, which have now reached an advanced stage, will be definitely reported on in a forthcoming issue of the t time(s). You have every reason to eagerly await it.

Create prospects with the courage for opportunities