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Field report . Traktorenwerk Lindner GmbH is moving the future through tradition

Traktorenwerk Lindner GmbH is moving the future through tradition

When they plough fields with their impressive power and agility, the reliable tractors from Lindner are more than tough. Their advanced technology wins over their users with sophisticated details. That‘s because the tradition company from Kundl in Tirol always keeps the requirements of modern agriculture fully in view when it undertakes new developments.

For 65 years, Traktorenwerk Lindner GmbH has made a name for itself throughout Europe with its distinct customer-oriented way of doing business.

In addition to its soughtafter tractors, the Austrians also produce transporters. Each year over 1,500 vehicles leave the halls of the experts. Or to emphasise the point: seven tractors and one transporter are delivered every day. Two hundred committed employees, with their capabilities and knowhow, stand behind the highquality technology focused on grassland farming.

With the Geotrac product line, the portfolio offers agile and comfortable vehicles. These vehicles also feature optimal visibility as a matter of course. With a turning circle of less than 8 meters and a low unit weight, these tractors are exceptionally agile and well suited to all-terrain travel. The Lindner Unitrac encompasses the company‘s transporter series. They can be used for various applications such as ploughing snow, sweeping or mowing. They are true all-rounders that can be used efficiently on the road and can also travel safely offroad without damaging the terrain.

By 2015, all vehicles will be converted to the efficient power, or EP, standard which will make them even more efficient. And Lindner is just now expanding its portfolio with the new Lintrac.

Because Lindner pays special attention to detail to give its products their high quality, the vehicle specialists count on a CNC pipe bending machine from transfluid© to produce their piping. Our partner GS-Hydro in Pasching recommended the unit for optimised manufacturing. The bending technology was specially adjusted to meet Lindner‘s requirements. The machine bends counter-clockwise and loads isometric drawings directly from design engineering into the unit. Of course the design is checked for feasibility prior to production. This prevents unnecessary error potentials from occurring. To ensure the bendability of all pipe runs, the bending unit was specially modified. We of course continue to wish the forward-thinking vehicle builders from Tirol much success in their market and we are very thankful for their trust in transfluid®.