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Technology . Chipless cutting technology - cost-effective and clean

Chipless cutting technology - cost-effective and clean

There are many good reasons to separate tubes chiplessly. And first of all, of course, the cleanliness. Precision and output, too, are not insignificant. Let us have a look at the efficient production with the chipless cutting method.

Clean production

In many technical applications, cleanliness is a basic requirement for further processing. If machining processes are used, it is almost always required to carry out cleansing activities within a production cycle. This is costly, timeconsuming and, consequently, unsecure. Cleanliness of the entire production cycle has become a major focal point. A separation of clean and dirty areas can not be ensured through the spread of chips during blowing or carrying under your shoes.

The chipless cutting ensures that no dirt appears in the tube and the production. Throughout the separation process the tube remains to some degree closed inside and is then pulled apart. It will also prevent the dirt from entering the tube during the separation process. The chipless tube separation method has a clear advantage when short processing times with an optimum result are required. The economic procedure is also recommended as a turnkey solution for the complete machining of semi-finished tubes and finished components.

When tubes from coil are used, there is no alternative to the chipless cutting because the tubes must be straightened. This straightening process and the transportation of the tube serve as a length positioning in the cutting machine.

Special development

Since we have installed transfluid® chipless cutting machinery in automated production cells for many years now, we can rely on the continuous development of our extensive experience and professional know-how. We attach great importance to developing and expanding all areas of the portfolio. The particular focus here is the chipless cutting equipment. Our systems are extremely powerful and impress with a cutting quality, regardless of material and wall thickness.

Various equipment versions
for the optimum solution

The systems for chipless tube cutting can be individually equipped with a bar feeder for manual loading or for the separation from coil fit with a straightening unit.

Technical specifications:

  • Separation efficiency: max. Ø 30 x 3 for stainless steel tubes
  • Shortest separation length:
    - 25 mm (without pull apart)
    - 55 mm (with pull apart)
  • Remaining length: 110 mm
  • Separation efficiency: up to 1,600 pcs per hour

In addition to this most popular separation equipment, other machinery for cutting tubes with a diameter up to 76 mm is available. The separated parts are ejected sorted into up to ten separate storage containers.

Since the tubes can be pulled under tension during the cutting process, it is ensured that they are not constricted or deformed in the separation point. All materials can be processed optimally. A special software for cutting optimization reliably ensures that tubes can be separated with almost no offcuts.