A sure thing: networked for precise processes and varied geometrics

‘t project Draft’ aids pipe processing on a mobile device.

What makes computers so valuable to us? That’s obvious: it’s the right software. Pipe production demands systems that enable a monitoring of the processes and safe bending of pipes.

Structures are usually executed using CAD systems, which often determine the structure of pipe isometrics. This relies on the perfect transfer of data to production. The desired bending result is then achieved by taking material-specific values into account. This naturally needs to be documented and the repeat accuracy and the variety of different geometrics must be given. Indispensible software provides a solution in cases where manual administration is clearly overstretched.

Extension modules help to document comprehensive processes beyond pipe bending. Our newly developed software t project therefore also manages process data for forming technology. ‘Nesting’ software is available for integrated separation plants for optimised cutting.

Powerful t project software
t project can be used to begin the reliable processing of pipes with intuitive operation and without intensive training. Our software is based on the Windows operating system. Three versions are available as single workplace or network versions for different desired uses. Central integration into each company’s internal system ensures security.

The right version on site
Isometrics are converted into bending data by our t project Basic software. The pipe-bending machine can use this data immediately. Correction values and over-bending values are calculated automatically. The software calculates the sawing length in accordance with isometrics and material-specific data. The operator is provided with a measurement of the diagonal from the beginning to the end of the pipe and can thus carry out a simple, manual check on the bent part.

‘Iges’ and ‘PCF’ software are some of the available interfaces and these are used to achieve the connection to CAD, measurement machines and/or Office programmes. If the pipes are not drawn in CAD then the input of the geometry into the software is possible absolutely, relatively or via bending data. t project converts the data into the relevant bending data.

Our solution version t project Professional has the same basic configuration as the Basic version.
It also carries out collision tests. This determines whether the pipe will collide with the environment or with the machine itself. The software will provide information on possible solutions if required. All the dimensions of the machine that are relevant for the collision test are taken directly from the CAD system.

The transfluid© pipe bending machines also allow the processing of pipes that already have flanges or reforming. The software can provide support in this. It calculates the position of the flange and controls the machine accordingly. Excess lengths for reforming can also be taken into account and calculated automatically.

Mobile and time efficient for pipe processing
Our tablet version ‘t project Draft’ allows the mobile input of pipe data on site – for example if piping is already present. The data is sent directly to the production department by e-mail, where production can start while further pipe isometrics are collected at the construction site.

Of course we are available to provide advice before our t project software is in use, particularly with regard to data security. That is why our experts ensure that the t project software is integrated centrally into your company security system via the networks. This protects you from data loss and allows you to profit from sustainable functional security.

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