At Agritechnica: Hydraulics and Construction

At Agritechnica: Hydraulics and Construction
At Agritechnica: Hydraulics and Construction

For decades, our solutions for tube processing have been used effectively in the production of tractors and towed harvesting machines, as well as self-propelled machines and smaller agricultural equipment. For that reason, we will be at this year’s Agritechnica, 10th-16th November, in Hall 16, stand 03.
One of the key topics will be hydraulics, which is used in agricultural machinery to drive, lift and move. To process the tubes needed for this application we can offer our large range of machines, from the basic mandrel-bending units (also for small tube batches and mobile use) to the very flexible, CNC-controlled machines with short set up time and the option to bend both clockwise and counterclockwise. This guarantees faster processes and higher output.

Improved processes
Materials and geometries are real challenges, as the production batch are often small for hydraulics tubes with great diversity of geometries. Materials with higher strength are used in addition to the standard materials. That is why our tube bending machines offer great flexibility.
It makes sense to have a one-piece flow and flexible production, because tubes of different diameters will be processed. This means less stock and the preparation of the tube can be done right before installation. Our machines prepare the tubes perfectly for this, starting with the cutting. The cleaning, cutting ring assembly and forming are also an option. The tubes can be processed from both sides and bent after the preparation is complete. With our t motion you have the option to combine the processing options efficiently and with great results in a customized manufacturing unit.

Prototyping and software – safety from the very first tube
Prototyping is one of the key factors for success in tube processing. Our machines can be operated manually to produce a first set of tubes. We are also offering tools that allow you to measure the component or entire sets of components directly on the item and in a flexible manner, and also to generate digital data.
The isometrics can be processed directly from CAD with our t project software. Both the technical department and the machine operator can use different interfaces to import data and run collision tests. Thanks to our software, the very first tube can be used for the installation. The tubes are produced in a way that is extremely close to the final assembly and ready to be incorporated, which is a requirement for a functioning and reliable hydraulic system.

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