Bend much better automatically with robots

The bending robots are able to bend short and long tubes equally effectively.
The bending robots are able to bend short and long tubes equally effectively.

The more complex a requirement is, the more flexible the solution needs to be. This is even more efficient when a system makes multiple resulting variations possible at the same time. One of our current projects describes this situation impressively: The transfluid® automation system not only enables ideal bending of 6 m long pipes with low diameter at consistently high speed. Our production cell is also able to process shorter pipes of 500 mm with diverse bending geometries in high quantities. Since the coated pipe surfaces require corresponding tool machining, we have paid special attention to this factor during development of the production cell with robots as bending machines.

One additional benefit of the automation system: The data needed for processing are simply loaded by the bending robot directly from the CAD system. The connection with all relevant measurement systems is made online.

More diverse production
For faster, safer, and more dynamic production, both robots are equipped with different magazines. In one variation, a chain conveyor feeds the long pipes to the bending robot. The geometries that need to be implemented are specified by the encoding of the marked pipes. During processing, the robots are able to bend from one respective side to the centre, before it places the workpiece onto a slide for further processing.  

In the second version, a separate stage conveyor feeds the shorter pipe lengths, including two different pipes when required. In this way, each robot produces another geometry or pipe with different diameters as required. This enables a larger series of both shorter and longer workpieces to be processed in parallel.
Even in case of pipes with previously implemented end formings or applied cutting rings, the bending geometry can be started with a very short distance to the bend. This makes machining pipe ends significantly faster and cheaper. Geometric limits do not result from this process. When closed at the start with a plug, pipes are able to be used immediately thanks to this bending process. We would be happy to show you how to make pipe machining faster and more commercially effective at the Tube 2018 trade fair in Hall 5 at Booth G34. We look forward to welcoming you!"

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