Economic forming

Forming with reduction in one step
Forming with reduction in one step

Until now the high amount of tooling’s was one of the main cost factors in the tube forming. transfluid® offers now the solution with a new developt system which has for the first time the possibility to form different geometries and diameters with the same tooling.

During a normal tube forming process the forming machines have only small possibilities to adjust the forming by using different strokes or using more material. For our new method for the tube forming only a very simple clamping jaw is in use. All other tools are independent of the geometry and the diameter of the tubes. A special feature of the new transfluid® forming method is that the clamp length is around 1 x tube diameter. So most of the parts can be formed without using expansive form clamps.

The surface of the forming geometry can be produced with a perfect surface quality – even with rotationally symmetrical elements to create an optimal sealing surface. Where previously especially the reduction of stainless steel was a big challenge, the new developed method is a safe solution. The tools are also completely free from wear. With its impressive solution transfluid® has created a technical way, to manufacture a big range of individual geometries with minimal tooling costs.

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