Economically from tube to isometry in the shipbuilding industry

With the transfluid® t control the tablet PC becomes a digital isometry paper for precise 3-D views.
With the transfluid® t control the tablet PC becomes a digital isometry paper for precise 3-D views.

In order that economic efficiency in the shipbuilding object tubing does not fall by the wayside transfluid® designs a sustainable solution for non-isometrized tubes with advanced bending centers. Since especially in hydraulics tubing efficiency is in demand:  Still tubes are frequently made-up at the object, manually drawn, processed on manual bending machines and built in. The disadvantages are obvious: Material loss due to excess lengths after the bending process, lacking precision and documentation as well as an amount of work that is much too high.

With our central bending center minimal waste, quality, short clamping lengths, and small radii can be realized much more efficiently. Tube data can be imported to the CNC tube bending machine online (via e-mail/network) or manually (via USB flash drive, for example). A tablet PC becomes a digital drawing tablet with the transfluid® t control software. Tubes are drawn in 3-D with a pen on digital isometry paper – directly at the object. The geometry can be equipped with welded joints, transformations, or flanges and by this a complete component can be pre- finished.

We designed an alternate option with tube measuring arms that are equipped with absolute rotary encoders. Using these the cylinders can be scanned between the bends or the geometry can be scanned and the data can be sent directly online.

In both cases the information will be processed in the bending center. Subsequently, tubes are bent – on CNC controlled and semi-automatic bending machines for tube diameters of 4 to 275 mm. An economic solution that opens up new possibilities for the shipbuilding industry.

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