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Precise interference fits and an optimum surface finish are united in a single result
Precise interference fits and an optimum surface finish are united in a single result

Visiting our clients takes us all around the world. The people we meet on our travels are unique – and so are their demands and requirements relating to tube processing.

There are certain key questions that we are asked time and again. The answers are also certain to be of interest to you – and we have summarized the most important points for you here.

Technical details

  • Minimum bend radius: 0.7 x tube diameter, depending on the material and tube diameter
  • Minimum ovality: Maximum 5%, even with tight radii
  • Minimum wall thinning during the bending process through the effective use of a centerline booster

What issues must be observed when fitting electric drives to pipe forming and bending machines?

Fitting bending machines with electrically driven shafts becomes more advantageous as the tube diameter decreases – especially at diameters below 120mm.
Effects: Increased speed and improved precision because electric drives facilitate perfectly reproducible results.

Which systems are suitable for interfacing with computer software?

For example, to connect a CNC-controlled bending machine to the corresponding CAD systems via an online interface, the processing unit must be equipped with a PC (Windows operating system) running our proprietary high-performance “t control” bending software. This allows the simple preparation of manufacturing lists and facilitates rapid data transfer.

Where does transfluid® see its future markets?

“Asia and South America will be where the future mass markets are to be expected”, explains transfluid® Managing Director Gerd Nöker. “Technical challenges are asked more likely from Germany and Europe to us.” We are continuously developing advanced technologies so we can offer our clients optimum solutions. We also keep a close eye on our client’s markets of course.

Are there any new developments?

The South Westphalian Chambers of Industry and Commerce have recently added our CNC-controlled rolling forming process to the “Directory of Global Market Leaders”. This process allows us to offer technologies that can even be harnessed to efficiently process high-strength and super high-strength materials largely independent of tooling. This is important for instance, for achieving lightweight construction in the automotive sector.

How does transfluid® deal with quality control?

So that our systems are able to communicate directly with our client’s software for example, we offer customer-oriented software solutions. This even allows reliable, 100% inspections to be carried out on a diverse range of components.

Do you have references?

So that clients can see a production cell in action we also sometimes open our doors to visitors. “Usually it is enough just to show clients some sample tubes. This already makes it quite clear what our technologies can provide,” explains Gerd Nöker. “Ultimately it’s all about achieving the optimum results possible from our tube processing machines.”

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