It's all about the right drive

The choice between electric and hydraulic drives remains a hotly debated topic amongst users of pipe bending machines. Supporters of hydraulically driven machines have valid arguments for their choice when it comes to bending machines that bend pipes with diameters greater than 120 mm. For smaller diameters, however they will have to rethink their choice. The servo-electrically driven alternatives show superior energy efficiency, reach higher speeds and excel with temperature-independent precision. The easy synchronization of shafts also speaks for servo-electrically driven bending machines. This allows torques to be generated, even whilst shafts are accelerating or decelerating. This is crucial when sophisticated geometries or complex radii have to be bent. We optimized this development for different applications in a customer-oriented fashion.
Our most challenging project was the implementation of a pipe bending machine with a pipe diameter of 90 x 1.5 mm and a bending radius of 0.8 x the pipe diameter. In doing so we facilitated an automatic process-integrated tool change. The result was a machine with two tool platforms. During the bending process up to eight different tools (clamping elements) can be exchanged automatically. The automatic re-feeding up to the last bend guarantees stable production of narrow radii. In this project we put the advantages of electric drives to good use. The choice between hydraulic or electric drives was not an issue for us in this project, but rather ensuring the quality and long-term benefits of the implemented technology: in the best interests of our customer.

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