Precision end forming technology instead of welding process

When erecting a building for the installation of intermediate floors adjustable supports out of tubes connected with a sheet metal are essential. So far they have been welded together. Therefore a after-treatment or an after zinc coating is often necessary. We have found for a customer a stable forming solution as an alternative to the welding process.
Our specially designed, fully automatic forming machinery runs parallel to the connection process by a tube reduction and calibration on the opposite side of the plate. Lubricants are not used because the systems have to be dirt-free. A buckling between the tube and plate is completely avoided, and the connection is absolutely right angled.
The forming machinery consists of a loading magazine for tubes as well as plate magazines for three different plate thicknesses and sizes. Loading capacity is sufficient for production of more than one hour, for a total cycle time of only 9 seconds per part.

During development we have laid special emphasis to the fact that the zinc coating remains intact during the process. Immediately after processing the pieces are ready to ensure a prompt dispatch. This is cost-saving. And a big advantage is that the parts can be promptly made to order is received.

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