Reliably in forming with automatic tool detection

Prior to the end forming, the machining parameters are read via barcode.
Our new t bend DB 630-CNC-R/L-VE with rotating head enables collision-free clockwise/counter-clockwise bending - even in case of demanding geometries.

FWe have developed our new axial tube forming machine t form REB 645 with automatic tool detection for the precise repetition or the accurate initial production of tubes. With this machine, the exact operation parameters can now be read using an individual barcode on the tube and by means of barcode scanning system of the plant.

In addition, all tools are equipped with sensors (RFID) for reliable tube forming. Thus, the suitable programme and the right tools are always available.
If a wrong tool is detected after scanning, this information is immediately displayed on the operating panel. The right tool including identification is indicated as well. Using the user-friendly quick-change system, the machine operator can thus change the tools both easily and in a time-efficient manner.  

Reliable forming flexibility
Our REB 645 enables axial forming of tubes with diameters from 6 to 45 mm. The tool sequence is positioned horizontally and vertically using a servomotor. Rolling stations can be integrated for specific forming processes. Depending on the forming requirements, we optionally equip the machine with electric or hydraulic numeric drives. Furthermore, the forming procedures can be carried out gradually in transfer systems. This ensures extremely short cycle times and a completely reliable and effective production.

Do you want to improve your processes with our new solutions for tubes? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you regarding our solution.

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