Safe process conversion with prototyping

Our expanded prototyping department for testing with advanced cutting, bending and forming technology.
Our expanded prototyping department for testing with advanced cutting, bending and forming technology.

The technique used to connect tubes plays an important role across all sectors and in all types of tubing systems. Being able to produce certain products and to do so with high quality is only now possible, as we are able to develop forming solutions, which make even the more complex geometries feasible and are a cheaper and more effective alternative to brazing and welding.

Technical forming of geometries instead of expensive, mounted machined components
The accurate execution of batteries of tests by our prototyping department deliver the evidence of whether a component can be manufactured through forming. To achieve this, our team of experts looks at extreme shapes and specific materials that are often used in weight-reducing builds in the automotive industry, as an example. This way, together with our clients, we can dramatically improve production processes.

Looking at the whole process
To do this, we look at the whole production process, which might require chipless cutting, as well as forming and bending of tubes, for instance. transfluid® systems such as a right-/left bending machine and a robotic bending machine, as well as the possibility of axial forming and the tool-independent CNC-rolling forming machine, are all available to the team. Our technical department will first choose a range of materials to work with, which is then validated through a series of tests, and during the tests the components are adapted to match the technical drawings and optical precision requirements.
Once the tested component satisfies all the functionality requirements, the prototype and all the data, of course, for the forming modification is handed to our customer. This ensures that in the meantime the customer’s production is not disrupted and our prototyping team can deliver the results in parallel, so that the series can then be tested. If the change in the manufacturing process meets the requirements, it can be incorporated safely.
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