Shorter set-up times for greater flexibility

Tool technique that is perfectly matched to the product
Tool technique that is perfectly matched to the product

The technical solutions for preventing and detecting errors play a very important role, when you look at complex equipment and production units. That is why we have developed our solutions even further, to guarantee even better results. For instance, our fully electric bending machines with brushless motors no longer need any manual adjustments. We can also reduce the set-up time with the optional addition to the bending tools of fasteners for the bending machine.

Accurately coded, correctly produced
All the tool components can be assigned a code in a corresponding system. This makes sure that the right tool is always used for a product and that it is in the right position. The geometry parameters can also be retrieved with the codes. Checking that the right equipment is being used is done either with a manual scanner, or automatically. Also possible with our bending machines: with the use of brushless motors specifically the wiper dies will find their position reliably, without any manual intervention.

Set up in just a few minutes
With tubes with diameters up to 90mm the set-up time till the first accurate part is less than 10 minutes. An example: with a t bend machine that bends counterclockwise and clockwise, for the production of tubes with diameters of up to 30mm, the operator only needs 3 minutes to set up the tools for both production areas.
In addition to that, the optimized setting-up procedures and tool systems are suitable not just for our bending machines, but also for most of our tube forming machines.

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