Square Sections Can Be "Comfortable" Too - With the Right Technology

Fully automated, low noise technology for the manufacture of high-quality tubular frames.
Fully automated, low noise technology for the manufacture of high-quality tubular frames.

Square sections play a wide range of important roles in numerous areas of our everyday lives. And the same is true for the furniture industry. A single glance at a mattress reveals whether it is high-quality bedding or not. Good quality comfort beds are built up on a stable hollow section framework, as these provide the bed with an extended lifetime warranty. transfluid® has developed a fully automated manufacturing system for the processing of such square sections.

This automated system almost manufactures the frame by itself. The only setting required is the number and width of the beds. The system then produces the frame components from rectangular hollow sections in a one-piece flow-process - processing takes only 15 seconds per component.

The production cells can be loaded with two square section bundles – in this particular project, with 30 mm x 35 mm rectangular hollow sections. The square sections are automatically individually positioned from the package and separated to exact length. A sophisticated pipe cutting system provides completely burr-free section without chips.

The entire process is almost silent – a particular advantage of this system. The square sections are fed into a double-head pipe bending machine and produce 2 bends at the same time. The low noise emissions during processing also allow the system to be used in processing. In logistical terms, this is extremely practical. Furthermore, adapting the system to the production process is simple as relaxing on a bed. Simply comfortable.

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