Tool engineering as a guarantee of success in tube forming

Tooling of an axial compression system.

When it comes to secure results in tube forming, it is unusually not the machine that is in focus at transfluid®, but rather tool engineering. After all, only the right tools ensure the correct form of the relevant produce over the process. And because the individual requirements for the formed tube of course differ greatly, our tool development cannot take place without manufacturability analyses, sample production and prototyping, all available on request.

Support geometries – also on the inside
Tool engineering is an exciting topic, particularly in axial tool forming. For example, we insert an additional clamping unit on hose connections – if the cycle time allows. This helps to support the entire geometry, also on the inside, and tubes can no longer buckle inwards at sensitive points.

Protection from scratches
If this process is not suitable for multiple dipping, then we add ‘jaw slide tools’. They are fitted with controlled internal pneumatic guard locks. This protects the geometry from scratches if the clamping jaws open after forming. This also recognises the position of the sliding elements.  

No cold welding
Our forming heads, which open when the forming station move backwards and forwards, offer a further technical feature. They prevent contact between the material and the tool during longer lifts. Cold welding of tool and material is thus ruled out and the surface of the material remains undamaged. Multiple beads can also be manufactured with this process in connection with an intermediate clamp.

Hose connection, pre-compressed and handling to a rolling station.

Hose connection, pre-compressed and handling to a rolling station.


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