Interview with Benedikt Hümmler, Managing Director transfluid

What is your assessment of the current market situation for your sector?

It is actually extremely positive at present for German mechanical engineering, which is working at a very high level. And is also because of the great potential for innovation that we have. We take advantage of it in a very effective and deliberate manner.

What do you understand by “Industry 4.0”?

For our business, Industy 4.0 is an important step into the connected future. For many of our clients it is still not clear how it will benefit them. Many look at this topic in isolation and not as a supplementary and performance-improving opportunity. That is not quite happening yet.

Is transfluid already planning to or already integrating digital technologies?

We are gradually making our products capable of 4.0-communications for our various customers and, if the customer wants it, we offer the corresponding software to install, which can collect and process the operational parameters. With this and the corresponding hardware we can achieve the current idea of 4.0.

What do you see as future trends for your business sector?

At present it is fair to expect that the mechanical engineering sector will have to consolidate again, after this period of strong demand. Just as before, the trend towards adopting automation techniques will continue and more strongly so. This will make it easier to even out geographical differences and the associated costs. The higher the technical level of our clients’ equipment, the more relevant it becomes to ask whether the production can be done independently of the employee. This would make it possible to establish production anywhere in the word that meets the same quality requirements.


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