Moulded on the Pipe: Universal, Compact and Diverse

transfluid develops a new general of combination machines for axial and rolling pipe forming

The technical evolution is mostly targeted at designing new solutions at the state of the art to simplify work and improve results. The engineers at transfluid followed this principle as well, developing a new generation of combination machines that effectively combine the benefits of the axial and rolling forming.
The plants are particularly characterised by their diversity in forming of parts, as Stefanie Flaeper, managing director at transfluid, explains: "Geometries in pipe end machining can be formed directly on the pipe, replacing usually complicated and expensive turned parts. No soldering or welding is needed: The pipe and its end form are virtually from a single cast."


Flexibly processes

The benefits of this kind of process are clear: Implementation of the combination can be specified by the user directly, or based on the forming geometry. "Usually, up to 6 axial forming stages and at least one rolling unit are used. If trimming, axial and rolling forming are needed, two rolling stations may be required as well," says Stefanie Flaeper. "We also call this 'powered axes'."


Single-drive axes for a more compact setup

Pipe machining may include a simple trim or deburring at the pipe end after forming. Because this is not a demanding process-technical challenge, it is sensible to use compact units for this. transfluid has made it possible to equip all axial forming machines and all combination machines with one or several single-drive axes. These axes have a servo-electrical drive and can be used for the forming stages in each of the holders. This makes the system very compact and particularly flexible. Because the transfluid combination machines have electrical drives, all forming tools are positioned very precisely and the machines can be used much more diversely.


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