Stay in the (work)flow with prototyping

Stay in the (work)flow with prototyping

Reliable tests are essential when you develop new products. And in the case of tube forming, very complex geometries or tube connections are a challenge. At transfluid we find solutions with our prototyping, which means safe production processes. 30 years of tube processing know-how also means economical and efficient manufacturing.

“We make possible a manufacturing flow that has already been tested with prototyping and use it to create a component where series production has already been tested. We already have the cutting, forming and bending machines that are needed for this, as well as measuring systems to validate the quality in a reliable manner. Our enormous knowledge of engineering and tool design, as well as skilled staff and machine technology covering all aspects of tube processing, are key factors in our success. This way we can create workpieces of high quality and ready for series production, which meets the exact client specifications”, says managing director Stefanie Flaeper.

Focus on quality management

Quite a long time ago transfluid expanded the floor space for manufacturing and production, as well as creating the prototyping unit, so they could meet the customers’ needs in a more targeted way. The prototyping team, with its specially trained engineers, focuses on extreme forms and also specific materials when testing manufacturing possibilities. The tests can cover all aspects of tube processing, whether it is chipless cutting, bending or forming.

Before a test is carried out, all the relevant criteria for a workpiece are checked, agreed with the customer and then tried out in validated tests. This way it is possible to run thorough tests on process steps or on products, and manufacture in a safe and sustainable way, all the way to the series production-ready stage, while the production continues in parallel. The results are documented in a reliable way by the transfluid experts with tests designed to meet the quality criteria specific for the various industry sectors. Once the testing and the implementation have been successful the client will receive the prototype and all the data for the forming modifications.


transfluid is a valued partner all over the world for the production of tube bending and tube processing machines. transfluid have been developing their customer-focused technologies for tube processing since 1988 and offers tailor-made solutions for the construction of plants and machines, for the automotive, energy and shipbuilding sectors and the manufacturing of medical equipment.


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Quite a long time ago transfluid significantly expanded their prototyping unit. In the testing department the know-how of the experts sits next to all the necessary high-tech systems.


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The challenges in medical technology require new approaches by the manufacturing technology. With their know-how, the transfluid experts are developing highly precise solutions also on the smallest scale


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