The Future of Pipe Bending Technology

New standard were set with presentations and discussions at the transfluid forum

Knowledge is a treasure. This goes without question and is therefore usually kept to oneself. This was not the case at the Innovation Days event held in Schmallenberg by transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH. A vast wealth of knowledge for tube machining was shared here for the ninth time. Industry experts and specialist met at the Hotel Rimberg Sauerland at the 9th Innovation Days to participate in an intense exchange of experiences and ideas. The common goal was to advance the progress of tube machining and technologies.

Such a knowledge platform for medium-sized companies is a rare gem. For transfluid, the initiator and host, it is imperative to explore new avenues to redefine standards and go beyond the norm in its daily operations. This year's event focused on "Profitable forming technology in automatic tube production". "We have seen growing interest each and every year since we started this event. You can clearly see that the need for a transparent exchange of ideas is continuously growing," explained Stefanie Flaeper, Managing Director at transfluid. "The added value is impressive. This is where the potential of pipe bending technology is brought up in contributions and expert discussions. I think this is precisely what makes it so exciting for the specialists."

Presentations and practical insight

Methods for improving the production processes in tube machining over the long term were presented at this year's event. For example, eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH gave a presentation about "Tool coating in forming technology" and the Opto Surf company presented a contribution about "Optic surface control of sophisticated formings in automatic processes". Keyence from Neu-Isenburg demonstrated how easy, fast digital measuring projectors can be used regardless of the user. Instead of using time-consuming manual equipment, digital measurements deliver results in just a few seconds.

In another presentation, transfluid underlined how important it is to use the right lubricant for optimum manufacturing processes. For example, a water-soluble lubricating concentrate is ideal when welding or soldering is required after the forming process. Various high-pressure resistant forming oils that are specifically tailored for processing steel and stainless steel tubes prevent cold welding in the machining process and have a very positive impact on the useful life of the tools.

A tour of the operation provided additional insight into the tube machining practices. Gerd Nöker, transfluid Managing Director, demonstrated just how important developments focused on customers are for making progress. After all, the growing requirements in a wide range of industries demand long-term solutions that are aligned with demands. The participants, with their vast wealth of knowledge, enjoyed two highly interesting Innovation Days and look forward to the future with transfluid – to the next Innovation Days.


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