transfluid software, networked for improved steps in tube processing

From cutting to bending: The software ensures economical and precise production

For a few years already, the high-tech manufacturers transfluid have provided smooth tube bending with their t project software, for instance through digital collision tests. The increasing digitalisation and networking of the processes in tube production requires more and more advanced solutions. The engineers at transfluid have developed the software further and constructed it both for networked use and to be integrated in the production proces. In addition to this, it can also be used to process production data. The data from the production and the various steps can easily be retrieved online through one of the available ERP Systems.

Everything under control: List of cuts and individual marking

The software solutions contribute to the economical processing of tube, starting with the determination of the cutting length for various cutting machines, in particular for the orbital transfluid t cut machine for chipless cutting. The software generates a list with the details of the cuts, which improves the cutting and the use of the half-finished product, with as little waste as possible.
A unique marking with all the important data – such as those associated with the bending process or connecting systems - is generated, to ensure that the component is identifiable throughout the process. The required data transfer can be done via an interface with CAD, ERP or also other programs, which deliver the data relevant to the process.

Production information includes the quality of the bending

The software prevents collisions with the machine, the tools and also the surrounding area before initiating the bending process. The CAD program delivers the necessary machine and tool parameters online. In those cases where a robot is assigned a bending task it is possible for the necessary manufacturing data to be processed without having to program the robot.
The software can adjust the bending speed on all transfluid machines for the specific product, in order to be able to process tubes safely and without oscillations, which is particular important for long, small-diameter tubes. A software module captures the status of the production process and provides the central systems with the production-related information about the status and the quality of the production (CPK). This is how the networked transfluid software delivers an efficient production process.

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