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Cover story . Well through the day with transfluid®

Well through the day with transfluid®

As they say: "The day begins in the bathroom...".

This is where the day with transfluid® begins and also our short story of a day in the life of a transfluid® employee. Starting in the bathroom, he/she encounters many things in the early hours that were created on our machines. And the day‘s journey with transfluid® begins.

The elegant water tap with state-of-the-art design. The siphon that operates inconspicuously but effectively under the washbasin. Teeth are brushed at the washbasin or even in the shower. A stimulating cold shower to wake you up or water at a comfortable temperature? This is all a matter of course. There‘s warm water, plus toothpaste and other things. But before it can all run like clockwork, like water through the pipe system, even these were bent and shaped on transfluid® machines. If the toothpaste has blue or red stripes, it is likely that they have been mixed in a machine whose pipes were bent using transfluid® technology.

Now head to the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee. Open the kitchen door with a wonderful stainless steel door handle – manufactured on transfluid® machines. The coffee is already made and thanks to the time switch still hot, as the heating coils keep the glass pot perfectly warm. Incidentally this heating coil is a pipe bent at 210°. Enjoy the coffee at the table whilst reading the newspaper. The chair, a cantilever chair made of bent stainless steel piping, is so comfortable it makes you want to lean back and enjoy a second cup. Now it‘s time to drive to work. Head down the stairs, which are adorned with a handrail shaped from steel piping. And then slide into the racy mid-sized vehicle. Turn the key. Ignition on, and the exhaust makes a „healthy“ sound. The exhaust system? Manufactured on a pipe bending machine by transfluid®. Precisely. Press the accelerator, lean back in the driving seat and place your head on the headrest, the inner workings of which include a steel frame. You stop as the light turns red, pressing on the break. You guessed it: the break lines are processed and bent using forming technology on transfluid® machines. The light goes green and your foot is back on the accelerator. The diesel injection pipes – also optimally bent and shaped pipes – ensure that you can get going again quickly. Albeit through a pipe system, processed with our solutions, in the tank – and the journey continues. Arrive at transfluid®, which is the largest part of the day for our employees, in line with the committed motto: 100 per cent transfluid® for our clients.

Top fit, off you go!

At the end of the working day, air conditioning on the drive back provides a comfortable temperature inside the car. The entire pipe system of the air conditioning was also manufactured on transfluid® machines. Now time for shopping. The groceries go into a trolley, which of course consists of a tubular frame that was manufactured on a transfluid® manufacturing cell. Then pay at the checkout. With lots of change, to the delight of the checkout assistant. A wellknown client of ours manufactures coin press machines. Certainly an interesting field of activity. Once the shopping is finished, the next stop is the gym. Ultimately our employees want to stay relaxed for new ideas and feel at home in the process. Since the frames of many pieces of fitness equipment were manufactured using our solutions. Then it‘s home time. Enjoy the sunny evening on the terrace under a sweeping sunshade and on comfortable chairs. Both are manufactured on transfluid® machines. Treat yourself to a beer that was bottled in a plant equipped with optimally processed pipes. A pleasant end to our day‘s trip. Now the transfluid® story has come to an end: it‘s time to switch off and sleep. In doing so our employees must forget about transfluid® until the morning – and look forward to the next day: "See you soon".