Strong connections

Practical report . Intertraco is the reliable partner that keeps things flowing

Mighty low loaders and powerful diggers, conveyor systems for mining, high pressure systems on drilling platforms, and advanced machines are in use for high-performance applications worldwide. One essential detail of these impressive technologies are robust and reliable hydraulic connections. These special components are designed by the experienced experts at Intertraco in Suzzara in northern Italy. However, alongside all of its technical know-how and capabilities, the company's particular strength is its closeness to its customers.

Many people associate the region of Lombardy with popular holiday destinations like Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, or Lake Garda. However, as Italy's leading economic region, it also stands for the power of innovation from companies whose products help to develop a wide area of industries worldwide. For the last 35 years, the team at Intertraco has placed particular value on contributing to their customers' successes, as a good supplier offering products of maximum quality. The company sees itself as a partner. 

Thanks to its close cooperation with customers, Intertraco offers high-quality fittings, hose fittings, hydraulic hoses, adapters, and quick couplers, which are reliably tested and precisely meet customers' individual requirements to the highest standards. In this way, these experts are also always setting new standards and developing new designs, adapted to suit their customers from all over the world.

Continuous development and assessing new possibilities has always been an entrepreneurial principle which benefits customers. With comprehensive investments in the latest technologies for production and in research and development, as well as their customer-matched special solutions, these specialists are internationally demand after.

Of course, the most important connection to customers is the highly-qualified Intertraco staff. They go new ways in cooperation with the customer, and develop new solutions in hydraulics. This also requires real heavy-duty parts, like high-performance fittings, which contribute to the reliable conveying of fluids in hydraulic systems for mining, in pipelines with hoses for large diggers and drilling machines, as well as in high-pressure systems on gas and oil drilling platforms.

With our t bend AB 680, Intertraco has invest for an XXL range customdeveloped fitting bending machine to ensure the superior quality of its results. Because this is where stability, robustness, strength, and absolute leak-tightness are required. The transfluid® machine is able to bend fittings up to a size of 3 inches. It covers a tube bending range of OD 85 x ID 62.5 mm (WT 11.25 mm) including SAE fitting heads with OD 131.7 mm. This makes it one of the largest fitting bending machine which has been offered on the global market. The PLC, with its user-friendly touchscreen, makes it possible to save and call up common bending parameters, the optimum hydraulic pressure, and the adjustment positions for all moving parts.

Of course, Intertraco does not only produce fittings in such large dimensions. Other relevant transfluid® bending machines are in use for the smaller versions, in many different variations and high piece quantities. The fittings will be loaded automatically and bent in an impressive cycle time of approx. 7 seconds. This also helps Intertraco to ensure efficient production processes.

We wish Intertraco continued success with the ambitious challenges it will tackle in the future and in its partnership with customers, and we thank them for the trust they have placed in transfluid®.