Knife cutting method

Clean, efficient, versatile. transfluid's knife cutting method is ideal for post-bending cuts. Even with extreme geometries it is possible to have perpendicular cuts with sharp edges. In both cases both chips can easily be detected in the process.

Extreme requirements are also not a problem, as up to two blades can be used. An internal mandrel can also optimise the process.

Machine sizes/tube sizes

RT 2060-A 6-60 mm Ø
RT 2080-A 6-80 mm Ø
RT 20100-A 20-101.6 mm Ø
RT 40127-A 20-127 mm Ø
RT 40150-A 20- 150 mm Ø

Equipment options:

  • Stand-alone unit for automatic loading and unloading
  • Can be integrated with transfluid bending machines
  • Optional post-processing: deburring, bevelling, calibration

Experience our tube cutting machines in action

Rohrbiegen und -trennen: t bend DB 2060 CNC
Messertrennverfahren: CNC-Dornbiegemaschine t bend DB 2090-CNC

with sharp edges

Targeted cut
after bending


in the
bending process

Different knife profiles

The shape of the blade, as well as the coating are adjusted to your materials, to achieve optimum cutting results and to ensure the durability of the cutting blade.

Cutting knife

Flexibility for perfect results: our tube cutting machines can be equipped with up to two knives and an internal mandrel based on the specific challenge.