Type SRM
rollforming machines

All the options in one single machine: forming, cutting, post-bending cutting, threading. Our rotational technology increase the possibilities of forming on tubes with minimal expenditure on tools. All the drives are servoelectric by design and, if needed, CNC-operated. In our SRM typeforming machines, all the settings are preloaded, so there is no longer any need for costly adjustments. 

Different tool variants further expand the processing possibilities for chipless cutting or post-bending cutting. The machines can produce internal and external profiles and can also roll in synchronicity thanks to a special tool head (inside/outside).

Machine sizes, tube sizes

SRM 622 4–22 mm Ø
SRM 1565 15–65 mm Ø
SRM 40127 40–127.3 mm Ø
SRM 50176 50–176 mm Ø

Equipment options:

  • Processing unit with radial and axial servoelectric advancement
  • Rollforming unit with push bending through CNC-control
  • Ejector for controlled unloading of the tube
  • Flaring optional
  • Microlubrication systems
  • Coded tools
  • Belt filter system

Experience our type SRM rollforming machines in action

Rollierende Umformmaschine: t form SRM 622
Transfluid Video
Rollierende Rohrumformung – aushalsen mit t form SRM 622 E-AH
Transfluid Video
Rollierende Umformmaschine Typ SRM 1565

sealing surfaces

Extremely short
clamping lengths

tool life

No tool
closing edges

Many forming variations

Formgiving from inside to outside, as well as overlapping processes are a possibility. With different rotating heads it is also possible to have a chipless cut after the bending, as well as collaring.