mandrel bending machines

Compact and very efficient. Our fully hydraulic mandrel bending machine delivers outstanding bend quality and very simple handling, with SPS control for preselection and storage of bending angles via a touch panel.

Machine sizes/tube sizes

DB 642K 6-42 mm Ø
DB 2076K 6-76.1 mm Ø
DB 20101K 6-101.6 mm Ø


Equipment options:

  • Usable length extension
  • Length stop device
  • Off-set bending device
  • Digital display of the length and rotation, with tolerance range, if required
  • Controlled mandrel withdrawal
  • Mandrel lubrication
  • Following pressure die
  • Additional functions can be added (pre-assembly, flaring, de-burring, cutting)

Experience our tube bending machines in action

Kompakte Dornbiegemaschine: t bend DB 2060K

Simple, intuitive

Touch panel
with USB port

equipment options

Radii from
1.5xD are possible

For the perfect bend quality

Can also be used for tubes with an external diameter up to 101.6 mm. With the appropriate tool it is possible to bend rectangular or square tubes.

The machine is equipped with a following pressure die and an internal tool locking system. Tight radii from 1.5xD with perfect bend quality can be achieved.