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Right in Germany and practically next door, our long-time partner INRO is there for our customers. The full name of the company from Sauerland already indicates the high demands: INRO GmbH Vertrieb Innovativer Rohrbearbeitungsmaschinen.

From their location in Iserlohn, Dieter Wagner and his wife Cornelia Wagner have been an effective sales partner for our company for nearly 15 years. These experts have long-time experience with an extraordinary level of technical competence.

Dieter Wagner serves customers in technical execution before the sale. His concentrated procedure ensures consistent realisation of the individual demands and requests. The after-sales service of INRO GmbH is also impressive. Always available, Dieter Wagner stands by his customer with word and deed.

A reliable partner of transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH, the company in Iserlohn forms an important link between the manufacturer and users of tube-forming machinery.

INRO specialises particularly in the sales and distribution of tube-bending machinery and tube-end forming machines using diverse processing methods all the way up to fully-automatic production cells.

We are proud to have this strong partner and look forward to many more successful years with INRO.

Sundernallee 75b
58636 Iserlohn