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transfluid® - DB 642 CNC R/L VE

No-collision right-left bending: for tube diameters from 30 to 42 mm, the t bend DB 642 CNC R/L VE with rotating head is the dynamically effective solution.

REB 632+ SRM 622 CNC

transfluid® - REB 632+ SRM 622 CNC

The benefits of axial and rotary forming come together here – be it a trim before axial forming or rolling of a pre formed geometry.

RTO 628

transfluid® - RTO 628

The orbital t cut pipe cutting system efficiently machines pipes up to 28 mm in diameter with a discharge unit for five different tube lengths.

DB 40168 Stainless 1,5xD

transfluid® - DB 40168 Stainless 1.5xD

For thin and thick-walled tubes made of any material. This mandrel bending machine boasts strength and precision for  large pipe diameters of 40 to 168 mm.


transfluid® - SRM 622 CNC

Our rotary technology opens up new doors for forming, especially for the production of optimal surfaces and sharp-edged contours for sealing elements.

UMR 642

transfluid® - UMR 642

Optimal flange connections can be created with this rotary forming machine. It guarantees perfect sealing surfaces for flaring.

REB 632

transfluid® - REB 632

With a force capacity of 98 kN, the axial tube  forming machine makes possible extreme degrees of forming and complex geometries whilst also featuring speedy tool changing.

DB 642 CNC

transfluid® - DB 642 CNC

This fully automatic mandrel bending machine meets the most exacting of standards for the machining of tubes having diameters from 6 to 42 mm.

DB 622 CNC

transfluid® - DB 622 CNC

Precise and powerful, the fully or part-electrically driven DB 622 CNC bends workpieces with tube diameters from 6 to 22 mm.

transfluid® - DB 630 CNC

transfluid® - DB 630 CNC

For tubes with diameters ranging from 6 to 30 mm, this fully automatic mandrel bending machine is powerful and easy to use from a CNC touch panel controller.

Spanlos Trennen mit t cut

Chipless cutting with t cut

transfluid® engineers have developed a powerful cutting system which cuts tubes and features cut optimisation. Neat work – convince yourself!

Große Rohre - kleiner Aufwand

Bend large pipes

Problem foreseen, problem averted:
transfluid® finds a solution for everything. Even large tubes gets done.

Innovation Days 2009

Innovation days 2009

Selected trade experts met for an exclusive get-together for the second time in 2009. Impressions of the event are available here.

transfluid ® Innovation days März 2009

Innovation days in March 2009

The start of March again saw specialists and trade experts gather for an exclusive get-together of the pipe machining industry. Take a look at some pictures here.

Die neue Geschäftsführung

The new management team

The management team has been extended – for perfect positioning now and in the future. The film introduces the new 5-member team.

transfluid® Service-Team

transfluid® service team

Machine failures and downtimes need not occur. transfluid® provides best possible support to its customers with the new after-sales service.

Unsere Superzelle

Our super cell

Produce a tube formed on both sides with seven bends in only six seconds, three hours long - this is what the super cell can do. Learn more about the technical expertise.