tu go

Cover story . Spontaneous solution package

to go - the quick solution with proven transfluid® quality

Usually "to go" implies a coffee that you burn your fingers on. Either the walls of the paper cup are too thin or the coffee is too hot. "to go" means something a bit different at our place.

Of course we make our customers a good coffee too when they come to collect what they receive from us with the new "to go". That can also be quite spontaneous now, because we know that decision cycles vary and purchasing a machine can sometimes be a very short-term decision.

That‘s why we completely restructured our internal production process for our customers in the previous business year. In the course of the standardizations involved, some of our machine technologies were purposefully set up on platforms. This allows us to offer our customers faster and more precise solutions to their respective requests.

to go - shorter delivery times, faster deployment

In the future you will be able to find our selected standardised machines and everything that they feature on our website under the rubric "to go". Those customers in particular who require a short delivery time and who move within the standard segment can find a suitable package here that offers a very fast solution at a fair price. Furthermore, if a standard machine is ordered with customer-specific equipment, we can launch a further unit with it and equip it standard.

Specialised for short trips

Of course, we also continue to develop customer-specific units with higher design engineering demands than for our standard program. However, we now offer our defined standards and thus our standard machines under improved conditions. We have thus made transfluid® design engineering more efficient. Three employees now work full-time on extensions and tools that can be assigned to our standard program. Our other engineers are responsible for customer-specific units with special requirements. We have also further improved communication with our customers: in addition to sales, our order centre is a proven interface. It has been reorganized to optimise direct communication with our customers. If you would like to take a look at our new "to go" feature, please feel free to contact us. Of course, you are also more than welcome to visit us in our office, where you will of course receive a coffee in a porcelain cup at just the right temperature.