A big thanks across the ocean

time(s) check . A good partnership for many years in the USA

North of Boston, the capital city of the State of Massachusetts, is the city of Kingston in the neighbouring State of New Hampshire. Here, directly on the east coast of the United States in beautiful New England, we have found a solid partner in Advanced Fabricating Machinery, who has been there for us in the demanding markets in America for more almost 20 years.

Such a trusting collaboration is never a given. But we had good chemistry from the very beginning since our first meeting in October 1998. We met Craig van Sant at a trade fair and immediately set for to planning how a future collaboration could be shaped. In the following year we visited Advanced Fabricating Machinery's location in Kingston and set out the general requirements for a successful collaboration. Our initial impression was that this could lead to something special and that has proven to be the case for nearly two decades.

Today, Advanced Fabricating Machinery sells our high-tech machinery for pipe machining throughout the United States. Advanced Fabricating Machinery also offers excellent full service with an on-site spare parts warehouse to serve the entire USA. Therefore, we guarantee additional process reliability on site. Our solutions add value in nearly all industrial areas in the United States and have proven their reliability in practice – from simple, small hand-operated machines to CNC-controlled lines and production cells.

A good partnership for many years in the USA

Our transfluid® machines are on display in a showroom in Kingston, New Hampshire. The competent team around Craig van Sant assists visitors with comprehensive advice. Ultimately, the solution should be optimally adapted to the requirements. After placing the order, our customers can expect very quick delivery. This is assured by the close proximity to Boston Harbour, among other things.

After many years of outstanding collaboration, we are extremely pleased to be able to count on Craig and his team now and in the future. A sincere thanks and cordial greetings from across the pond in Schmallenberg.

Advanced Fabricating Machinery