The solution for tubes

Many promise solutions. We are the solution. We are transfluid®. The solution for tubes.

For this, we are working continually on progress and developing for our customers technologies which are easy to use, sustainable and specifically tailored to the respective requirements.

This is not only the standard we set ourselves, it is our motivation for the future. This is because our drive is to realise, together with our customers and for our customers, ideas which give rise to solutions.

Industry partners across the globe

transfluid® is an internationally preferred partner for the production of pipe machining and bending machines. We have been developing our pipe machining technologies in a customer-centric manner since the company was founded in 1988.

For example, we offer tailor-made solutions for applications ranging from plant and mechanical engineering, the automotive & energy industries, shipbuilding and aerospace to the production of medical equipment. With effective planning and an intensive, local consultation service.


Going forward together

We are the global market leader in machines and systems for controlled rotary forming techniques (incremental). Highly complex forming geometries can be generated with these rotary forming systems. Mechanical working with very tight tolerances, sharp-edged chamfer structure and polished finishes is also possible.

Our strong team of employees is a guarantee for success for new developments and innovations. Another is the openness in sharing experiences and thoughts with other experts at events such as our innovation days.





Founded in

machines on the market

Facts and figures

The first innovation was in 1988 – a tube bending machine for low volumes and tube up to a size of 16 mm (ZB 616). Back then it was the first of its kind on the global market.

The end of 1988 saw the first mobile bender (MB 642) developed as a complimentary product for tubes to 42 mm in diameter. It had the same mode of operation as the small machine. It is still popular to this day.

Currently more than 12,500 machines are getting tubes into best geometry in the worldwide market. But we are still at the beginning. Every day. Because we need the stimulus to develop new products to solve the problems of our customers. This is our motivation for further innovations.

Some of our new, advanced developments:

  • 2018, Gerd Nöker decides to leave the board of director and resign as a shareholder, however he will keep on supporting the transfluid® team as technical sales manager.
  • 2018, 30 years of transfluid®
  • 2017, extension of the production area of further 5.100 m² and start of office and administration building – End of works spring 2018, 165 employees
  • 2016, extension of the production area up to 4.200 m²
  • 2015, creation of an own machining center
  • 2014, extension of the production area up to 4.000 m², development of hydraulic drives for tube processing machines - with energy savings up to 70% compared to the previous standard of hydraulic systems, our own paint shop enters operation
  • 2013, 25 year anniversary of transfluid, presentation of the newly developed process of CNC-controlled rotary tube forming in the "Index of global market leaders" from the south Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce, programming is made in the company
  • 2012, extension of the production area up to 3.500 m² , office area up to 1.160 m²
  • 2011, 100 employees
  • 2010, extension of the production area up to 2.700 m², development of in-house isometry software
  • 2008, expansion of the management team from 2 to 5 members: In addition to the company founders (Ludger Bludau, Production/Finance and Gerd Nöker, Sales/Marketing), Stefanie Flaeper (Sales/Marketing), Benedikt Hümmler (Design/Production) and Burkhard Tigges (Purchasing/Controlling) are the movers in the front row of the experienced transfluid® team.
  • 2006, development of chipless pipe cutting technology
  • 2005, certification to DIN EN ISO 9001-20002005, development of tube cleaning technology
  • 2003, extension of the production area up to 1.550 m², 50 employees
  • 2000, realisation of the first fully-automatic production cell, building of new offices and extension of the administration area up to 910 m²
  • 1997/98, extension of the production area up to 1.400 m²
  • 1996, extension of the office area up to 310 m²
  • 1995, extension of the office area up to 250 m², development of rotary technology for pipe forming
  • 1994, extension of the production area up to 1.400 m², development of CNC bending machine
  • 1993, development of axial forming machine
  • 1990/91, acquisition of an own company area in the industrial zone and building of 500 m² of production area and 150 m² offices
  • 1990, mandrel bending machine for tubes to 115 mm in diameter – the first machine on the market capable of bending 115x15 mm tubes
  • 1988, company founded on 1 April by Ludger Bludau and Gerd Nöker, development of the first mobile bender MB 642, development of the first tube bending machine worldwide for low volumes and tubes up to a size of 16 mm (ZB 616), 2 employees