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Field report . Belz Treppenbau - forming luxury

From top to bottom, it is the comfortable and safe way to conquer new heights. Its stability lends it safety. Its shape can wow someone and even make spaces more attractive, if taken beyond quality into the realms of expert design. This is what gives a staircase its value.

The northern German specialists at Belz Treppenbau apply their expert knowledge and abilities in the trade with passion, in order to realise the personal wishes of their customers with their staircases and banisters.

Anything is possible: for the home, in the garden, for businesses or industrial applications. At their company headquarters in Schwanewede, half way between the city of Bremen and coastal Bremerhaven, this family-led firm has also chosen to specialise in an obvious and highly particular set of challenges; the construction of stairs for apartment buildings, villas, high-rises and yachts. In such situations, every project is a one-off.

Even in other areas, Belz places value on achieving the maximum in quality. This means that their repertoire encompasses not only solid wooden stairs or modern staircase structures with stainless steel banisters, but also balcony railings, fences and special projects such as ornate stainless steel washbasins, lamps or fountains.

Company founder Peter Belz, who manages the company along with his sons Jens and Thomas and daughter Michaela finishes these exclusive staircases with high-quality stainless steel banisters.

The stair manufacturer relies on a DB 20101K pipe bending machine from transfluid® for this purpose. This semi-automatic bending machine enables the reproducible manufacturing of handrails of differing geometries with optimal bending quality. Pipes with an external diameter up to 101.6 mm, and even oval-shaped pipes, can be shaped without any problem. The machine is suited to a maximum pipe length of 4,500 mm. A synchronously running counter bearing ensures, particularly in the case of stainless steel pipes, that the best possible quality is achieved for outdoor applications. Bends with narrow radii of 1.5 x pipe external diameter can be reliably produced. We are happy to hear about the creative and flexible use of our technology and wish this family business continued inventiveness in the future.

Belz Treppenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Reiterschanze 27
28790 Schwanewede/Neuenkirchen