Efficient tube processing for better lightweight properties and higher levels of stability
Many functional areas within the automotive sector require special and diversified tube work – from the exhaust system and brakes to the steering and air-conditioning systems. With our appropriate solutions for your strict tube machining requirements, you benefit from advanced technologies which bring together cost-effectiveness and quality of results. They help in your products being able to satisfy the demands of your customers in the long-term.

A weight reduction in automotive engineering can be realised for example with the method of incremental pipe forming developed by ourselves. By deploying machined pipes made of high-strength and ultra high-strength materials, products can be made more lightweight and subjected to greater loading. A key technical benefit whilst saving on material at the same time. With this and our many other solutions, we will be glad to assist you on your journey in the overtaking lane.

Supply systems

Tube forming for high-quality and cost-effective results
High levels of cost efficiency are required – for tube production in supply systems in particular. You want to rely on optimal system effectiveness. With our knowledge in the field of metal working, we create for you solutions which assist you in successfully addressing your individual challenges.

Axial, rotary and in combination
For this we offer axial forming machines for extreme levels of forming, complex geometries and fast tool change, and our rotary method with cost-saving, tool-independent tube forming. The combination of both forming options is also possible. Our combination machines offer for example axial forming and rotary forming in one operation process.

Reverse work processes effectively
Tube forming on both sides before the bend process lends itself when tube end deformations are used as joint systems. Accordingly, first forming is carried out and then bending. The benefit is that, because clamping jaws are redundant, tool costs as well as associated consequential costs are minimised. Our experts will gladly help you out and develop for you systems which are tailored to your individual requirements as regards performance and cost-effectiveness.

Hydraulics & mechanical engineering

Bend and form tubes for highly dynamic loading
Special requirements need a special solution - especially when it is about reliable connecting systems in the field of hydraulics. Our powerful pipe bending machines enable efficient bending of pipes with thick walls. For the most diverse of challenges for highly dynamic loading, our transfluid® technologies offer compact systems ranging from mobile bending machines and tube forming machines (axial, rotary, combined) to CNC pipe bending machines specially designed for this sector.

Rotary forming technique
Our rotary technique enables you to use completely new options of forming. In particular for the production of optimal surfaces of 90° flares and contours, such as a DKO connection.

Process-optimised fitting production and handling
Whereas complex turning workpieces were required before, the production of fittings is now possible completely without chips with our cost-effective tube forming systems. Especially for somewhat smaller sizes where this process brings with it enormous benefits. Short cycle times make possible processes which extend beyond market requirements as regards quality, precision and cost-effectiveness. The subsequent bending of fittings can be realised effectively on a machine family specially designed for this application. Automation and handling systems guarantee a fully automatic process. Particularly robust loading systems are available for large parts. They ensure that flanges and sealing elements for example are protected from damage.

Reliable forming instead of expensive welding
Previously, the production process was cost-intensive where connection and sealing elements are used for pressure tubes. The sealing elements were made mechanically and connected to the relevant tubes by means of soldering or welding. Our integrated forming process means you can now shape DKO sealing heads and tube connectors directly on the tube, allowing for a cost-saving of up to 45%. This enables you to get processes in the best process.


Tube processing for the future
Special and individually tailored tubes are required in applications such as aerospace in particular. Our tube machining technologies provide you the right solutions, such as for the forming of tubes made of high-strength and ultra high-strength materials.

Machine high-strength and ultra high-strength materials
Our servo-electric bending machines are setting new standards, and usually extend beyond them. Also, our incremental tube forming for example is rendering it possible to machine tubes made of high-strength and ultra high-strength materials efficiently and in premium quality. This means greater loads can be applied to the tubes and they are far lighter. Essential assets as regards energy efficiency and technical edge – whilst saving on material at the same time. So you can get off to a flying start in international markets.

Medical technology

Reliable tube bending and forming in the smallest of dimensions
Wherever the issue is human health, the interplay between different components must fit perfectly for an effective system. Especially for your industry, we are creating machines for the smallest tube dimensions which deliver results with extreme precision and repeat accuracy in tube bending and forming. Integrated measuring systems provide checked reliability for geometries and the integrity of tube surfaces.

Shipbuilding and plant engineering

Tube machining with a head start as regards time and cost
The focus of tube machining lies in powerful online connections, larger tube diameters and bending with flanges already welded to the straight tube. The orientation of the flange is calculated accurately before the bending process with our special t project software. Our machine families for increasingly longer tube diameters (to 400 mm) have long replaced the welding of curve elements on large tubes. This is because the t bend tube bending technique reduces production costs and brings about a time saving of up to 60% – also with time-optimised set-up of the machine under 20 minutes.

Bending with flanged pipes 

Flanges can be welded onto the straight tube before the bending process. We recommend here a connection to in-house CAD programs. This enables the isometries to then be realised with our transfluid® t project bending software, and the flanged tube to be bent with orientation.

Forming of flanges

We also offer the option of final forming processes. This enables for example the shaping of flared flanges, which can then be bent. All materials prevalent in shipbuilding can be machined.

Energy industry

Tube processing and bending in best shape for increased reliability
Required for energy systems are tubes which meet the requirements of highest loading. Tight bending radii ensure optimum surface area for thermal transfer. Our tube bending technologies enable you to safeguard the efficiency of your demanding projects.

Small bending radii with no wall thinning
We create for you custom and cost-effective solutions when the requirement for example is to implement bending radii shorter than 1xD for larger pipe diameters. Here ovalisation and wall thinning can be minimised with our t bend pipe bending technology. Instead of trimming and material losses after bending, the parts are also redundant here and the tubes are available immediately for subsequent processes.

Reliable connections and chipless cutting
Thanks to cost-effectiveness in production and optimal, precision results, you and your customers benefit from market strength and long-term operational reliability with our transfluid® technology.