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you are in the fast lane.

We add movement to your projects: transfluid offers client-specific solutions in the automotive industry, together with comprehensive expertise for all areas in this sector. Completely new challenges lie ahead with future technologies, such as fuel cells in electromobility.

Possible applications

  • Engine cooling
  • Injection tubing
  • Gas exhaust
  • Air conditioning
  • Brake tubing
  • Airbag
  • Tuning
  • Hydrogen refuelling stations
  • Structural components (Axles, seat frames)
  • E-mobility (Power rails, battery cooling)
  • Fuel cells

We will create optimum solutions tailored to your individual specifications and requirements with our expertise.

Experience our solutions for the automotive sector

t motion: Fertigungszelle für Stoßdämpfer Außenrohre
Transfluid Video
Fertigungzelle für Kurzteile oder gebogene Rohrfittings
Transfluid Video
Große Rohre biegen: t bend DB 40120-CNC-VE
Transfluid Video
Fertigungszelle für axiales Reduzieren, Verschlusskappenmontage + Kontrolle & Biegen von Stahlrohren
Transfluid Video
Fertigungszelle zur Herstellung von Aluminiumrohrkrümmern
Transfluid Video
Fertigungszelle zum Umformen und Biegen beschichteter Rohre
Transfluid Video
Rohre biegen automatisiert: t motion DB 618 CNC mit Roboter