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transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH
Hünegräben 20-22
D-57392 Schmallenberg


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Tobias Masur

t. +49 2972 9715 - 839


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transfluid® – the solution for tubes

As a preferred global partner in the production of tube bending and tube processing machines, transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH attaches great importance to guaranteeing best possible levels of value-add to customers. Since 1988, transfluid® has been developing its tube machining technologies in a customer-centric manner, thereby offering tailor-made solutions – ranging from plant and mechanical engineering, the automotive and energy industries and shipbuilding to the production of medical equipment.

Global market and technology leader
With the process of CNC-controlled rotary tube forming, developed by transfluid®, the company is a global market leader and is presented in the "Index of global market leaders" from the south Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Trademark and machines
The "t" was introduced as a trademark. The machine categories on offer from transfluid® have also been divided into five areas in line with the brand management:

t bend stands for an array of tube bending machine variants which satisfy the exacting standards of industrial applications. The tube forming machines from the t form category offer appropriate solutions for tube design. tube forming as an individual machining method or supplement is important in achieving pipes which are perfectly matched. As mature concepts for bending and forming techniques, automation systems are offered under t motion. Tube cutting machines are addressed by our t cut range. transfluid® makes available different systems here, such as for the orbital cutting for chipless cuts and special knife cutting techniques in which the tube is trimmed.

Tube cleaning machines fall under category t clean. They ensure the cleanliness of workpieces and tubes. In addition, transfluid® in the new tu go range offers a standardised machine portfolio which is available and deliverable immediately from stock. transfluid® offers the powerful t project software for quick, reliable pipe machining. It can be used as an effective online solution for bending machines and most CAD systems.

Expert discussion and knowledge transfer are also provided by transfluid® as part of its Innovation days. Selected specialist from the industry meet up at regular intervals to discuss current trends, new technical developments and visions for the future.

Also generated here are new ideas with which the company is able to maintain and consolidate its technological leadership. Continual development drives transfluid® on, and makes the global player a preferred partner for pipe bending and tube forming – a solution for tubes.