Mit einem Lächeln zum Erfolg

Titelstory . transfluid® goes Thailand

Welcome to Thailand - today we invite you along on an excursion to Bangkok and introduce our subsidiary located there!

A few years ago, we at transfluid® started a process for the strategic realignment in the mid-term future. It affected our portfolio as well as the international markets.

How could and should we optimally serve these markets, especially those outside of the immediate reach of transfluid® Schmallenberg? Sales, in particular, as well as the customer service after the installation of our machines were the core themes.

Three geographic regions in addition to Europe and North America are crucial for future success: Asia, Russia and South America. Where should we start now? Which region would be optimal for establishing an effective sales department and customer-oriented service department?

We were looking for a country whose residents are greeted throughout Asia and Australia, having never engaged in international conflict with other Asian/Pacific countries.

Travellers from Germany should be able to reach the country as quickly as possible without major bureaucratic efforts (visa), and our personnel must be able to move about freely without any limitations on travel. In addition, we needed well-trained experts for sales as well as the technical area; and last but not least: The location must be centrally situated. All these criteria were satisfied by the Thai countries.

As the next step three alternative locations were determined: Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. Singapore was, in our opinion, too expensive and the legal restraints were somewhat extreme. Hong Kong had just become part of the People's Republic of China and therefore was not 100% predictable. So the choice was Bangkok.

The decision was easy. The concrete implementation, however, was a real challenge – even in the „Land of the Smile“!

We posted an announcement in an English-language newspaper: We were looking for an employee to represent us and the network expansion in different countries. 120 applicants and 20 interviews later, we had our new co-worker: Thannarong Vasunirachorn.

Sometimes it is the simple things that we Europeans do not understand: Just opening a bank account – here it is a simple matter. Not the case in Thailand: First you have to find the right bank, the right office with the right smiling bank clerk – somewhat difficult if you do not speak the language and cannot read any signs. Then you finally arrive at the right place. Take a number – like at the doctor's office.

After an appropriate waiting time of one hour 20 minutes, it is your turn. Yet another smiling employee asks: „How high is your monthly turnover in the account?“ „Well... not much at the beginning...“ All interest immediately disappears. We are shown the way to the door with a pile of forms and and unmistakable look: Next, please! After the initial disillusionment we attempt to embrace Thai as a whole and soon notice: what seems like a problem to us is not really one at all. Sometimes things take somewhat longer and you can never lose your composure, but: „Everything is going to be alright!“

In all of our years in Thailand we have never experienced the unfriendliness or ill humour that are a part of everyday life here. Impatience is a foreign word.

transfluid® Asia Pacific, as a subsidiary of transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH Schmallenberg, has now become a permanent and indispensable factor. Thanks to Thannarong Vasunirachorn, we have since acquired several new customers of interest and a functioning network of dealers in the Asian-Pacific Area.

The pictures show: Here you live corporate identity. Even the building was painted red and white both inside and out. The office is centrally located in downtown Bangkok, easy to reach from the airport and offering an extremely pleasant atmosphere. Theerawoot Norkhorn is an outstanding, highly-motivated service employee who solves customer problems in the shortest time.

transfluid® Asia Pacific has been equipped with spare parts and equipment in order to be able to operate without delays. We are capable of offering our customers 24-month warranties. We have gained our customers' trust in our products and our competence.

Therefore: We would like to express our warmest gratitude to our co-workers and colleagues in Bangkok for the extraordinarily pleasant collaboration and the great commitment! Kop koon krub/kaa!