t project: Already well-connected?

Cover story . Clever software, secure processes

"Now please, permit me to be the third in your network."

We simply cannot imagine a life without computers. The things that make them so useful is their digital intelligence. This makes our work easier. However, they only become clever and useful with the right software. This topic is also ubiquitous in the area of tube production. Both in the are of bending technology and in process monitoring.

Why use software for tube production? Conventionally, designs are produced using CAD systems. In this way, pipe isometrics are frequently specified in the design and must be transferred to production as free of errors as possible. For good results, material-specific values must also be considered. Manufacturers of tube systems like to and need to document this result. The precision of repetitions must also be ensured, as must the extreme diversity of different geometries. Naturally, this may not all be administered by hand. This is also why the use of powerful software is so important and valuable.

Beyond tube bending, there is also frequently the need for different extension modules in order to document complete processing sequences. This is
where the process data of the forming technology is involved. During the integration of cutting systems, these should be equipped with the corresponding "nesting" software for cut optimisation.

Powerful t project software

For the challenges related to speedy, process-secure tube processing, we've developed our own special transfluid® t project software. It is designed
to be extremely user-friendly and offers intuitive usage options without intensive training. The basis of the software is formed by the Windows
operating system. This operating system is known to update from time to time. Accordingly, we also update out software to match the current Windows
standard. What happens when the system crashes and the data has not been backed up? We make sure that t project is integrated centrally with the company-internal backup system via the network.

Suitable versions

Multiple versions of our t project software are available for different requirements, for example as single workstations or network variations:

t project basic

This software converts isometrics into bending data that is usable by a bending machine. Over-bending values and correction values are calculated
automatically. The saw length is calculated according to the isometrics and the material-specific data. The operator receives a measure of the spacial
diagonal from the start to the end of the tube in order to execute manual control of the curved part in a simple way. Numerous interfaces are available
for this software, e.g. "Iges" or "PCF". The connection with the CAD and measuring machines and/or office programs may be established via these

If tubes were not drawn with a CAD program, then entry of the geometry into the software is naturally possible in absolute, relative, or bending
values. This data is also converted into the corresponding bending data. Of course, the data may also be output and provided to the design department.

t project Professional

This software has the same basic features as t project Basic. Additionally, collision tests may be carried out to determine whether the tube will collide with the machine or the machine environment. In case of a collision, the software recommends solutions so that the workpiece may also be bent with only slight changes. All of the dimensions of the machine relevant for the collision test are accepted directly by our CAD system.

transfluid® bending machines enable processing of tubes that are already fitted with flanges or forming. The software is capable of calculating the position of the flange and controlling the machine accordingly. Overlengths are also able to be included and calculated automatically for forming.

t project Draft

For increased freedom in case of special requirements, we offer a mobile tablet version, t project Draft. Tubes may also be entered into the program manually if they are not received from a CAD. This may be the case if piping is already present and this needs to be measured accordingly. Since this does not always take place at your business, but rather on construction sites or ships, this tablet variation provides more flexibility.

This version also makes it possible to measure and enter tubes isometrically. Next, the data may be sent directly via email to production departments in the company. Production may begin there while additional tube geometries are recorded on the construction site.

Secure application

Before using t project, we recommend to our customers that they check their existing systems in terms of security. Are backups made at regular

Is this data backup implemented externally, i.e. not on machine's computer at the machine? Is the Windows operating system current? Are security updates made at regular intervals? Is a virus scanner active? We recommend that our customers check these points carefully, since severe technical production problems may result in case of data loss. Our experts are available to support you, to discuss necessary updates, and to ensure long-term functional security.