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Future - research - values

How important is research and development for a company? How can we inspire, integrate and promote the youth as a forward-thinking company? Important questions we have asked ourselves at transfluid®. New ways were sought and found. Future must be actively shaped to promote new technologies and not just talk about values, but to live them.

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Entirely around the bend

What appears at Hydra-Grene in the Danish Skjern provides strong hydraulic components, optimal workshop consumables, is used in high-quality agricultural machinery and helps exploit the power of the wind. In particular, fully machined tubes are characterized by the high-quality solutions. Our friendly relationship with the Danish neighbor goes back many years.

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Know-how in t cut

There are many good reasons to separate tubes chiplessly. And first of all, of course, the cleanliness. Precision and output, too, are not insignificant. Let us have a look at the efficient production with the chipless cutting method. In many technical applications, cleanliness is a basic requirement for further processing.

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