Bella Italia

time(s) check . The vital north in the beautiful south of Europe

Bella Italia

When you hear “Italy“, you think culture, a friendly people and, of course, excellent food. This image is the view of many tourists. As well as this, transfluid® also sees great potential in the country's north, with its distinctive indus-trial landscape.

Northern Italy is home to a great number of companies which process tubes for their products, manufacture tubes for automotive industry, heating and refrigeration,

chemical and textile, food-and diary equipment, water and filtering, military- and commercial-shipyards, metal-furniture and alternative-energies, or general sub-contracting of tubes to other companies all over Europe.

transfluid®'s longterm success here is since over 10 years guaranteed by our local distributor RPM (Revolutionary Production Machines) SRL – conveniently established near Milano airports and very close to Como Lake. This small, but very effective company develops an effective business through an intensive contact with their customers all over Italy and have an excellent, indeed an impressive knowledge of tube processing, tooling and subsidiary equipment, and professional consulting with connected technologies. Even complex projects are handled in a reliable way through our Italian partners.

Thanks to the outstanding cooperation which we have enjoyed with RPM SRL, we have been able to establish ourselves very well in the Italian market. For our company it has been, for a long time, one the largest export markets in Europe. While in the early days we were still a niche product, nowadays customers are interested in the whole range of transfluid® machines. The complete program ist really appreciated all allong the Italian penisula.

We would like to thank our partners for the extraordinary level of commitment which they have shown. We look forward to many more years marked with success.

Bella Italia