Energy with a system

Practical report . PAW securely produces heat

The efficiency is in the details. When solar heating harvests the power of the Sun for heat generation. Or when heating technology is used sustainably to utilise resources as best as possible. This is why the specialists from PAW are concerned with one thing in particular during the development of the advanced systems of their heating and solar heating instruments: passion for details.

In the city of Hameln, in Germany's state of Lower Saxony, the Weser River shines in the sunlight, as doesthe innovative strength of PAW. For over 40 years, the company has produced high-quality heating and solar heating instruments. Designed precisely according to the industrial requirements of their customers, the experts plan and develop these pioneering systems in cooperation with acclaimed research institutions. They connect their experience and their know-how with progressive knowledge in order to produce secure and sustainable results. These instrument specialists focus on the use of brass as a material for implementation and production. In Lower Saxony, quality is the number one priority.

This is one of the many strengths that makes PAW such a popular international partner for these systems. Various on-location technical distribution partners and proprietary companies in France, Austria, and the USA are available to help their customers around the world.

In the area of solar heating, PAW products cover areas including solar stations, freshwater modules, solar transition stations, and battery charging stations. These "Made in Hameln" systems meet high standards for temperature, pressure, and media composition. For special development, a highly qualified team of engineers is ready to help the customer.

The heating technology portfolio offers modular and distributor systems as well as direct heating circuits and individual instruments. In particular, the modular systems DN 20 to DN 50 provide a high degree of flexibility for various requirements as pre-mounted instrument groups for heating circuits. These modular groups are extremely compact and especially attractive. The numerous proven products on the market from PAW are not only impressive thanks to their functionality. Several of them have already been awarded design prizes like the "Red Dot Award" or "Design Plus".

For the challenges related to the optimal form of tube systems, PAW trusts transfluid® technologies. Ultimately, customers want instrument systems featuring highly efficient performance and extremely high compactness. For this reason, this company in Lower Saxony produces its complete range of stainless steel tubes featured in freshwater stations using transfluid® CNC bending machines. Prior to the bending process, the pipes are cut without chips using our t cut systems. This is extremely important for the spectrum of parts. It also ensures that no chips or impurities are able to enter the process. The prerequisite for efficient production is end processing of most pipes prior to the bending process, while nuts or connection elements are already present on the tube. In order to ensure this, tension is only applied briefly and at an extremely tight radius. The machines are efficiently equipped with multilevel tools.

We look forward to continuing to work with our treasured customers, and we wish them continued success in the future.