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Field report . Hydra-Grene - strong solutions for powerful ideas

Field report . Hydra-Grene - strong solutions for powerful ideas

What appears at Hydra-Grene in the Danish Skjern provides strong hydraulic components, optimal workshop consumables, is used in high-quality agricultural machinery and helps exploit the power of the wind. In particular, fully machined tubes are characterized by the high-quality solutions.

Our friendly relationship with the Danish neighbor goes back many years. Shortly after transfluid® had been founded, we successfully positioned ourselves in the North European market and found the company Roerkontor as a competent distributor in Denmark.

Hydra-Grene A/S finally took over Roerkontor a few years ago and established a new venture in Skjern on Jutland. Therefore, Hydra-Grene was one of the most powerful suppliers of hydraulic components, fittings, and general workshop consumables in Denmark.

A look back: After the decline of the formerly extensive shipyard industry, the industrial landscape in Denmark has changed fundamentally. The hydraulic systems plays a major role and the manufacturers of wind turbines and agricultural machinery have become established suppliers. For this reason, at Hydra-Grene we have been offering the complete tube processing as a service on the domestic market for 10 years now. And with great success. For many customers who apply hydraulic hoses, fittings and other components, the demand for fully bent and machined tubes is continuing to rise.

The production at Hydra Grene in Skjen relies on the advanced transfluid® technology. Two CNC tube bending machines are used to bend tubes with a diameter of up to 42 mm.

In a networked system, all data can be transferred directly from the construction to the bending machine. An additional measuring unit ensures the required dimensional accuracy of the components. All hydraulic connectionsystems can be applied on the tubes to ensure the efficient production of the ready-to-install products. Existing tube cleaning machines ensure absolute cleanliness of the manufactured components.

To ensure a rapid conversion and delivery, Hydra-Grene keeps all the components in stock and produces special parts such as hydraulic blocks completely on the home location. We would like also to express our gratitude to the team in Denmark for a long-term cooperative partnership and are looking forward to a successful future together.