Practice report . MKG for top "digital" bends

When heavy loads need to be carried up into lofty heights, special solutions are needed that cranes from large-series productions just cannot master. Such individual challenges are where MKG Maschinen- und Kranbau GmbH from Lower-Saxon Garrel stands out with its impressive innovative power.

Focused on the production of hydraulic loading and installation cranes, the expert team sets standards in crane construction with its special know-how. MKG offers a comprehensive product range from material cranes to long-arm and telescopic cranes.

The crane specialists have been producing the tube parts for their customer-oriented production on a CNC-controlled bending machine by transfluid® for many years. Of course, requirements change over time. Initially, a solution for very compact and specific tube geometries was needed, e. g. when several 180° bends had to be run in sequence on the machine. 

This was made possible by a narrow bending head and special height stops. The tube was also supported at repeated bends due to its relatively small diameter at a large length.

Clemens Schmees, technical manager at MKG, remembers: "In the past, work preparation sent a list to the machine operator, who then called the tube at the machine computer." The software was able to run a collision test after manual input of the tube geometry and to calculate the cutting length and bending data. The list was used as a basis for cutting the tubes to size, bend and pre-install them. "As requirements increased, we finally wanted to improve the work process and to design the process more safely," says Clemens Schmees.

Smart integration of our transfluid®-software t project offered the right solution for a CNC-controlled tube-bending machine up to 30 mm. The bending orders are now chosen on it in the MKG-office and summarised in a list. The tubes to be bent are imported directly into the computer of the bending machine from a PPS-program. The theoretical cycle times can be determined in advance and the corresponding bending sequence can be filed in the network. The machine operator in the production hall has direct access to the order list at all times by the t project software, can process it step by step and mark it complete as he moves along.

actual value comparison are possible now as well

Additionally, it is possible to set up urgent orders that are added unplanned in a separate list and to report them to the administration. Various evaluations, such as day and order volumes, the time share of retrofitting and machine runtimes in target and actual value comparison are possible now as well. The machine utilisation, technical utilisation and missing parts can be determined this way. The all-round successful updating of the digital production networking therefore secures a time-efficient, reliable and nearly paper-less work process. We wish our valued customer MKG continued success with the new bending solution with fresh and progressive ideas for unusual special cranes.

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