Impressive Braking Power

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Impressive Braking Power

Once powerful tractors and construction machines start moving, it takes special power to stop them again. There’s no stopping for the Tietjen specialists in this challenge, though. They develop their high-quality compressed-air brake systems for retrofitting and initial equipment in trusting cooperation with partners and customers in Bücken, Lower Saxony.

The company in the Samtgemeinde Grafschaft Hoya district, South of Bremen, sent its story of success onto the fast lane with a good idea. Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Tietjen spotted the potential when the legislator first required compressed-air brakes for tractors. In response, he designed a retrofitting set for the new market in his family's company.

With this extraordinary entrepreneurial sense and technical power, Tietjen set a course towards first Federal and then international success. Today, his experts offer more than 5,000 different retrofitting sets for many different model types from all renowned tractor and trailer manufacturers to consider all special equipment as well. By now, it is mostly the initial equipment by Tietjen that is in high demand among the globally active manufacturers of agricultural and construction machines.

Additionally, there are spare parts for the sets, as well as completely pre-mounted assemblies. The construction of all compressed-air brake systems by Tietjen is characterised by close cooperation of the experts with dealers, manufacturers and users in development and implementation. At the pulse of the times and often one step ahead of the continually progressing technical demands, Tietjen creates individual solutions to give its customers a head start on the market. Harmonious teams are working to this end, developing detailed plans for their solutions and only implementing them once everything fits just right – to create the prototypes in the Tietjen factory.

The high production depth at the company's site, investments in progressive production plants, knowledge and experience reliably secure the tried and tested Tietjen quality. Additionally, the clients value the outstanding service and also being able to rely on a personal contact for integrated consulting and support at all times. These principles of the down-to-earth and innovative family-owned company have been promoted by junior manager Dipl.-Ing. Hauke Tietjen together with Jürgen Tietjen as well since he joined the company in 2008. Like his father, he studied engineering with a focus on agricultural engineering.

The cornerstone for the traditional company was laid by Wilhelm Tietjen, father of today's owner and manager Jürgen Tietjen, with a forge in the 1930s.

The subsequent decades saw continuous and future-oriented development of the service area for the agricultural machine sector. A long cooperation that we are very happy about connects transfluid® to Tietjen as well. In the early 1990s, Jürgen Tietjen already relied on one of our bending machines for tube diameters up to 18 mm. With increasing demand, the company expanded its capacities with our successor model for pipe bending. Last year, Hauke Tietjen increased his company's production power even further with a fully automatically controlled transfluid® CNC pipe-bending machine. The new system can be operated easily with a freely programmable CNC touch panel control and offers a high degree of bending freedom. Special flexibility is also secured by extremely short equipment times.

We are happy with the successful long-term and very positive cooperation, and wish the Tietjen family and the entire company all the best for the future – and most of all, a continued uninhibited path to success.

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