Better bending with automated tool change

For tubes with diameters of up to 127 mm and bending radii of 1 x D and more.
For tubes with diameters of up to 127 mm and bending radii of 1 x D and more.

High flexibility, fast process and a minimizing of tooling cost. These are the strong requirements for a bending machine up to 120 mm O.D. Today it is not only the technical efficiency for the processes and machines. There are higher requirements for new products. The solution has to be simple anyway. Our transfluid® team developed for the portfolio t bend a new tube bending machine type t bend DB 40127-CNC-VE. This machine is able to bend big size tubes with thin wall thickness to 1xD radii.

Better with the transfluid® sequence control
On a actual project, we developed a fully electric new generation bending machine.  Thank´s to our transfluid® sequence control we can synchronize all axis to each other. To realize the fastest cycle time, it is possible to set the most efficient process for each specific position.

For a simple operation, it is possible to import the different parameters from the CAD system. Also the individual form camps are integrated in the automatic bending operation. For each bend you can call up a different clamp or form clamp die. By using this automatic clamp die changing system, you will reduce effectively the follow-up costs. The time for a clamp die changing is comparable with a stack bend die changing.

Up to 8 times clamp die changing
Our new tube bending machine offers two tool levels and is able to change the clamp die up to 8 times. Thereby it is possible to bend absolute complex bending geometries. For new products there is only a changing of the bending geometry, because the outside dimension are similar and also the radii of 1xD is very tight. Only new clamp dies will be necessary.

To realize the tight radii for this thin wall tubes, we offer the machine t bend DB 40120-CNC-VE with a boosting device. This technology offers for very short rest lengths a axial boosting for the last bend.

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