"Double" solution for economical bending of hose end Fittings

The flexible transfluid®-solution for economic bending of hose end fittings.
The flexible transfluid®-solution for economic bending of hose end fittings.

The advanced adapting process for a special challenge doesn’t only help the evolution in the nature it also works in the area of new technologies. For one-piece hose end Fittings our engineers have developed such a solution which can effektive customized.

Fast tube processing systems for different sizes

„According to the operating requirements we prepare our machines with the necessary Modules. The technical differences are mainly in the loading systems”, explained Gerd Nöker, managing director of transfluid®.

Our fitting bender for fittings up to 1 inch could be equiped with a loading magazine up to 600 liters volume for every size. The strong bending axis could be optional hydraulic or servo electric driven. So it is possible to get an impressive cycle time of only 6–7 seconds included the complete handling. Special supporting elements preserve in the process the hose connection and the sealing head for a perfect quality. If the inner diameter is bigger than 8 mm we use every time a mandrel in our individual variable system. So there is no ovalization in the bending area.

Special solutions for diameter up to 75 mm

To transport these heavy fittings we inset an special strong loading system. The fittings could provided on a special pallet. The handling systems take the fittings in a save controlled way in to the bending machine. Such equipment avoids marks or scratches on the fittings. Of course for these sizes we use a mandrel so the ovalization is maximum up to 3 percent. For a safe output we support the fitting, the complete cycle time at these sizes are maximum 25 seconds.

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